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 Here's a collection of Caroline jingles past & present...
  (8 minutes of audio here).

After the raid on Radio Caroline, Atlantic 252 filled the short gap before Caroline returned. I thought this was a very good top 40 / dance music station, & still think there should be something similar now, playing current top 40 & dance but without the incessant chatter common in most existing stations.

I listened to Caroline from their return to their inevitable end in 1990, & in 1991 made the trip on the 'Whitstable Navy' out to the Ross Revenge to see the ship for the first time. What a mess ! But - I guess this just confirmed the dedication of those who wanted to keep Radio Caroline alive at whatever cost, so they have my respect. We have visited the Ross Revenge a few times over the past years, & all credit to those who have worked to restore this radioship.


My 'anorak journey' took a different turn in the 1990's & 2000's from being a listener to an actual broadcaster. From early beginnings with putting the Caroline Movement magazine & Offshore Echoes on to tape, through cassette tape programmes for a couple of clandestine stations, to 'Optimod - The Monthly Media Magazine' & the RSL / community station 'Chelmsford Calling'. (These latter two projects are detailed elsewhere on this website).


Now is a good time to mention an excellent radio magazine - 'Communication - the Monthly Journal of the British DX Club'. I've been a member of the BDXC since the early 1990's, & am always pleased to receive their monthly magazine. This details many different sides of the radio hobby, & I particularly like the UK News, MW Report, DX News & Alternative Airwaves. If you're not a member of the BDXC - why not ?! Their magazine gives a good round-up of radio news & general radio related items, & is obviously run by a dedicated bunch. If you want further details, look at my links page.


Well - that's a brief look at my anorak journey to date. Who knows where it will lead next ? Currently I'm happy being a listener & amateur radio ham, & since I don't believe in the golden age of radio past, there are still new radio developments that interest me. Wifi / internet radio lets me listen to thousands of stations from all over the world; amateur radio lets me transmit & communicate with like-minded people all over the world; the internet enhances all aspects of the radio hobby & gives me information past & present; community & RSL radio & the internet gives me the opportunity to broadcast (if I so wish); & it's a pastime that I can put down or pick up whenever I want. Not a bad hobby, don't you agree ?!

PS. Below are a few pictures that I was going to include in this text but they seem to have been left out - along with potentially hundreds of others... maybe one day I'll dig out more...

One of my birthday cakes made by Ann !

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